Who is Christopher Daniel?

Christopher Daniel is a British based retail company specialising in producing high quality products. It was founded in March 2012 by Christopher Daniel Salvidge and since then has established itself as a powerful force in the world of retail and e-commerce.

We started our life as a small company focusing on quality gifts. Now our company sells a wide range of products from home products to pet care products. Our growth is driven by our passion for creating new and inspiring products that combine quality and design.

What we do

At Christopher Daniel, we are dedicated in improving the quality of products that are available to the public. We are also keen to offer interesting and unique products that are designed by our skilled staff.

We work with only the best suppliers to make sure we can give extra quality in the products we sell.


Our primary focus is always on retailing. Our best known trait is for luxurious products that are made to last and stand the test of time. We only sell products that we are sure will impress and inspire. Our aim is to help people create beauty in their homes, gardens, in themselves and in others.

Web services

Christopher Daniel aims to be at the forefront of technology so that we can offer our retail customers an exceptional experience when shopping with us.
We also offer our expert knowledge to other companies who wish to have a strong, robust online presence.

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